View IAS or NPS log files in user-friendly form

NPS Log Monitor allows to view raw data (records) or grouped data (connects).

View log files of any formats: IAS, ODBC or DTS compatible

NPS Log Monitor can work with log files that contain data in any format of IAS / NPS server.

Monitor activity of IAS/NPS log files and generate alerts

NPS Log Monitor may generate alerts by specified action. This allows to monitor activity of IAS/NPS server users and monitor health of IAS/NPS server.

Can work with log files from Win2000, Win2003, Win2008, Win2012 servers

NPS Log Monitor understand log files from any version of Windows server.

Works as Windows service

Most important feature of NPS Log Monitor is an based on Windows service architecture. Therefore NPS Log Monitor monitor log files permanently and allows to generate reports or alerts without interaction with logged-in user.

Allows to generate reports from your IAS or NPS log files

NPS Log Monitor can generate several type of reports. This reports helps analyse users activity and IAS/NPS server troubles.